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Product Specifications

Spa Cover cutaway view

  1. Vinyl - Constructed of 100% Enduratex™ marine grade vinyl. UV, mildew, & cold crack resistant to ensure its durability throughout the seasons.
  2. Hinge - Multiple layers of vinyl add strength to this area.
  3. Skirt - Adds additional seal to keep heat in and dirt out.
  4. Poly-Laminate - (underside material, not shown) Industrial grade material with polyester reinforcement and mildew inhibitors for durability.
  5. Insert - *Standard: 2 x 4" taper for rain run-off. *Premier: 3 x 5" taper for rain run-off.
  6. Reinforcement - U channel adds strength across the cover.
  7. Vapor Seal - Polyethylene seals the foam core to prevent moisture absorption.
  8. Drain - Releases moisture to prevent condensation build-up.
  9. Handles - Ensures trouble-free spa access.
  10. Locks - 4 with durable straps to prevent intruders from tampering with spa.
  11. Steam Cushions - Eliminates heat loss.
  12. Weight - Covers weigh approximately 45 pounds.